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The Korean Martial Art of Taekwon-Do teaches simple and systematic techniques for defence against weapons, multiple attackers and surprise attacks. Taekwon-Do researches the fastest and most powerful techniques capable by the human body.

Jirisan Taekwon-Do train adult classes of Taekwon-Do at the Royal Armouries Leeds. We promote a non-macho, safe environment where both novice and experienced Taekwon-Do practitioners can train. The essence of martial arts is not to seek out competition but in order to share Taekwon-Do, we do attend national and international competitions, achieving international-level recognition.


Gradings are held every three months. Each grade follows syllabus with requirments to progress, below are some helpful Korean terms and pattern meanings to help with preperation for gradings.

Choose a grade:

10th Kup

White Belt

9th Kup

Yellow Stripe

8th Kup

Yellow Belt

7th Kup

Green Stripe

6th Kup

Green Belt

5th Kup

Blue Stripe

4th Kup

Blue Belt

3rd Kup

Red Stripe

2nd Kup

Red Belt

1st Kup

Black Stripe

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